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A unsurpassable defender in judicial fights will hold the defence line of your business and provide tranquillity and transparency.

Make sure you have reliable legal protection even today.

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Make use of our services to:

Develop your business strategy, not problem tactics

Pass the solicitation to us, stay the course notwithstanding the storm around you and be sure about your future.

To avoid being caught on a legislative hook

Prevent negative consequences and learn from other people’s mistakes.Let the law fit into you, not vice versa.

Avoid costly mistakes

Why should you overpay for mistakes? Be sure for taken decisions and the future. We will help you to save reputation, money and time.

Pay for the result, not for the process.

We follow the "pay-for-play" model because our aim is to gain a result with minimal investments.

Win the case without initial deposits

Pay for the result, not for the process.

Co-operation with us is maximally transparent and is agreed at the moment of concluding the agreement. The cost is determined individually after studying the case. The fee amount depends on the work scope and case difficulty.

Apply for free prospective assessment of the case

Volhv in figures

Volhv legal company has gathered one of the strongest Ukrainian teams in the sphere of banking and financial law, tax administration, judicial practice and business protection in relations with the state.

3500 hours of judicial
1.5 billions hryvnas
of returned funds
95% of court
120 000 sq. m of retained
real estate


Volhv team is a legal shield which shall protect you from excessive fighting and legislative threats. We give expert opinion on all legal issues, show the aim and where to move. We will help you to find an exit from any legal labyrinth


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